Elisabeth is Twelve!

I blinked.

All I did was blink...and my Elisabeth went from this....

....to a twelve-year old girl...young woman.  Neither one of those descriptors feels quite right to me now.  

Elisabeth has been growing and changing so much lately.  Physically, yes, but even more so in her interests, thoughts, abilities.  

She has also been venturing out of our nest more.  Without me.  (sniff)  It is totally appropriate...but that doesn't mean it is easy for me. 
This right-brained child of mine is totally and completely polar opposite of me.  She would be very glad if we signed her up right now for classes/lessons in...

- singing
- painting
- gymnastics
- dance
- sewing
- and the list goes on...and on...

Anything creative or artsy?  Right up her alley.  Since we don't have the time or money for her to do all those classes/lessons, we've tried to cram some of it into her summer for her.

She attended art camp for a week (in the mornings for five days).  She brought home some really pretty pieces that she'd created:

Elisabeth also got to attend a "Chopped Challenge" with our local 4-H office.  (E loves to watch Chopped whenever she's at LaoLao's!)

She was paired with two other team mates (she was kind of bummed that she didn't get to work on her own).  They were responsible for creating an appetizer, entree and dessert.

She didn't know one other soul who was attending.  But she knew she wanted to go.  I was so proud of her. 

As loquacious as she is here at the house...she tends to the quiet side out of the house.  But she didn't let that stop her from going.  (At the last minute before I left her at the 4-H office, I realized I wanted her to be able to reach me if she wanted to, so I handed her my phone.  She took these pictures with it.)

This seems funny to me, but as quiet as E can be outside the house, she has never been scared of performing before a crowd.  Not since she was 4-years old and led her dance troupe out onto the stage at our town's festival.  Or her baton-twirling recital.  Or any of the musicals she had a role in with our previous church's children's choir.  Or any of the five piano recitals she has now performed in, in front of quite an audience.  Things that you couldn't pay me to do...she volunteers to do, tries out to do...is excited to do!

Her current job with this description is her role in our church's VBS this week.

First of all, Elisabeth is too old to attend as a student anymore (sniff), but she wanted to be there serving in some capacity.  When we found out that she was chosen to work on the Music team, she literally pumped her fists in the air with excitement.  

Practicing...getting ready for VBS

"Music" may be a misleading title.  What she and the 3 others do is lead the VBSers in the worship songs...which have motions.  She stands on the stage in front. of. everyone.  (I would DIE a thousands death before I would do that.)

She has had the DVD for two weeks practicing the songs/motions.  She has been very diligent in  practicing and getting ready, and when VBS started Sunday night, she did great.  It helps that E is keeping in mind that she is not "performing" per se...she is just leading the children in worship.  This isn't about her...it's about HIM!  Big difference.  

In order to celebrate her 12th birthday, Elisabeth and I headed to a nearby city for a Saturday outing...just the two of us.

A selfie (my first!) to start our excursion 

We had such a good time.  I really just thoroughly enjoy spending time with Elisabeth.  She is so sweet and has a great sense of humor.  

We went shopping, and then fro-yo-ing...

...and then shopping some more...

...and then had supper at Longhorn (which she'd been talking about for months!).

We had a blast together...and strolled back into our house at, ummmm...about 11 p.m.

Watching Elisabeth grow into the Godly young woman that she is today has been such a privilege.  She has so many thoughts, dreams and ideas about how the Lord might use her in the future....

...and I am excited to see how it all unfolds.  So thankful for this front-row seat in her precious life!

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