VBS Crazy Hair Day

The kiddos LOVE this special theme night at VBS every year.  (Well, some of my kiddos do...I'll leave it up to your deductive reasoning to figure out who isn't as crazy about Crazy Hair Day)

Daniel has kept his hair longer-than-normal for him, JUST SO he could do this for Crazy Hair Day:

He really got some height on that thing...thanks to some Nuclear-powered gel!

And Elisabeth has been wanting to get hair chalk for weeks, to get ready for Crazy Hair Day:
In the end, it didn't show up on her beautiful black hair as much as we'd hoped.

And because of the fact that Jas and I are both working at VBS this year, Abigail and Gabriel are there every night also.  

So, of course, we had to get them in on the fun also.

I started by banding A's hair that morning, to lengthen her curl pattern and get some good height...and then stuck two different colors of barrettes in the 10 different sections of hair.  

I totally could have used a different shape/color of barrette for every one of those sections, and truly make it look crazy. 

But this was Crazy/Cute, instead of Crazy/Ugly:

Daniel has been planning his hair for months, AND he has been planning mine for months also.

He plays with my hair sometimes while I read-aloud to them at night.  He hit upon a favorite hair-do, which he titled, "Old-Fashioned Boy Hair."  He was so excited to do my hair like that for VBS.

But when it came right down to it, he couldn't resist adding some of A's colorful barrettes to his creation.  As we all arrived at VBS that night, he told me to make sure I told everyone that he had done my hair!

And then....we really started getting our "Crazy Hair Day" A-game on!

I have been meaning to cut G's hair for a couple of weeks, just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  So when the children and I cooked up an idea at the breakfast table that morning, I thought, "Why not?!?"

So I went to town on G's precious little head with the trimmers:

He has thoroughly enjoyed the attention...but he may be upset with us in the future when he looks back and sees what we did to him!

And then the creme-de-la creme of Crazy Hair Day:

Complete with A's 1st birthday tiara!

Yes, that is a picture of a Real man...and great daddy!

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  1. Jason wins!!!! G is certainly a close second, though! Impressive! Praying for y'all!



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