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We love to read here at our house.  LOVE it.  The curriculum that we are using for our core subjects (My Father's World) has a literature-based approach, so we spend much time reading. 

My kids read for fun during their rest-time and at bedtime also.  I have a hard time keeping up with the voracious reading appetites of my children (especially the oldest two right now)...so I'm always on the lookout for good reading lists.  I don't have time to read through all their reading material first myself anymore, so I have had to find sources I trust. 

A friend asked me recently what lists I use for reading materials for my kiddos, and I thought it would be great to share it here.  (secret:  I'm posting this here for me just as much as for anyone else.  Now I'll have all my favorite sources in one spot!)

I have friends who don't homeschool, who like to supplement their children's reading with ideas I've given them from our reading lists...and friends who are on the lookout for reading material for their children's summer break.  I hope you find these lists as helpful as I have!

***Each of these lists span a great age range, from picture books for preschoolers, to high school age.***

Sonlight - "Readers" list arranged by grade/reading level.

1,000 Good Books List -  http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/1000.html

Beautiful Feet Books - Every time I read through one of BFB's catalogs, I want to order everything in it!  Here is their reading list recommendations, arranged by reading level. 

Ambleside Online (a great free curriculum resource for people wanting to use CM methods):  http://www.amblesideonline.org/curriculum.shtml#years  (click on "booklist" for the appropriate year, then scroll down to find the "literature" section that corresponds to that year)

Five In A Row - you can either go straight to their website...but I found this site that shows the FIAR's booklists in a very easy format, http://satorismiles.com/resources/books/fiar-list/

Heart of Dakota - this will require some digging through their website, but I think it will be worth it.  Click on the right age group, then in the upper left you'll see a link for "...packages".  click that and then dig around and find the appropriate section.  It's going to be different depending on which book/age you look at.  What is SO neat is that they have some broken up into "Boy interest" and "Girl interest" books.  For instance:  Clicking on Bigger Hearts For His Glory, then on "packages", then scroll ALL the way down to "Deluxe" and you'll find links for "Classic", "Boy", and "Girl" recommendations.  

And last, but certainly not least...

I recommend anything in this Christian Heroes series.  We have read several of them with school already, and our future curriculums have several more scheduled into them.  But the ones that we don't end up reading for school...I want to make sure we still read.  The children (and I!) have loved these. Talk about cliff-hangers...and tear-jerkers!  And they're true stories of what the Lord has done in and through these ordinary people.


  1. I think you ought to give Beautiful Feet a try! You will not be disappointed. It's even better than it appears in the catalog. Truly, it's the high point of our school day. We're just finishing up with the American History/ Primary with one of my 7 year olds and our 13 year old (adopted at age 10.5) and it's been just perfect for them.

    Thanks for taking the time to link to all the book lists. Very helpful.

  2. We're just finishing Gladys Alyward from MFW, and omigosh, I've teared up a few times! My 11 yr old just finished this: http://store.barefootbooks.com/little-leap-forward-3867.html and really enjoyed it. (We're doing MFWECC this year, and we just finished China and are in Japan.)



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