What We're Blasting These Days

We love to blast music here at our house.  Whenever school is not in session...we probably have music blaring out of the computer's speakers.  Most of the time I stream KLove, but when we are currently "into" a certain song (or artist), we'll instead play songs straight from YouTube.

Well, we have a new obsession...thanks to our friend Ellie.  Ellie has gotten us hooked on the young, Christian artist Jamie Grace.

I had actually heard Jamie singing "Hold Me" on Klove for a while, but didn't know any of her other songs until Ellie sang some of them during her concert a couple weeks ago.

The first one we all fell in love with was "God Girl".  Yes, even the boys (although Noah has successfully changed the words to "God Boy").   I had such an earworm going with this song while Arica and I were painting my new master bedroom, I don't know how she didn't kill me for singing it over and over.

Matthew 11:28 is one of my favorite verses of all time, so I love Jamie's song "Come to Me"...**love** the words:

And I love the words and message of her song "Show Jesus":

Love the beat of this next song, "You Lead"...**love** the words...of course based on the title I chose for my blog, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I would like a song that croons "You lead...I'll follow..."


I love, love, LOVE that multiple times over the past couple weeks I have heard my children (each of the older four) humming and singing these songs to themselves as they go about their day.  I'm glad that this is what they are filling their minds with, and what they are "thinking on." (Phil 4:8)


Oh, and while I was pulling these links from YouTube, I ran across this clip that Jamie recorded to answer the questions she gets about why she is currently single and not dating.  I'm going to show this to my kiddos after they wake up tomorrow!

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  1. We usually listen to K-love, too! And Jamie Grace is my 7-year old's favorite:)



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