"The Dirt Road"

We have now driven the almost-5 miles back and forth between our new house and our current house I don't know HOW many times.

We usually get to the new house on this paved road here:

But almost every time we leave the house to come back to town, at least one of the children (usually Noah) will pipe up from the back of the Silver Bullet, "Can we take the dirt road, mama?"

And I almost always happily reply, "Yes!"

I   **l.o.v.e**  the dirt road.

Parts of it are covered by a canopy of trees.

You can see newer houses...and older, abandoned houses.  I'd love to know the history of this old beauty:  when it was built...who lived here...how long it has been vacant.

While there are some "planted pines"...

...most of the trees along the dirt road have sprung up of their own accord, who knows how long ago.

I'm now becoming familiar with all the bends in the road.  

You have to drive more slowly on The Dirt Road, but not because it is busy.  I can count on one hand how many times I have passed another vehicle on the dirt road...but you can be sure each of those other drivers always waved "Hi" as they passed by.  It's an unwritten rule when driving on a dirt road in the country...you always say "hey" as you pass one another.  I love that.

There aren't many houses on the dirt road, but I enjoy checking each of them out as we pass by slowly.

BUT, I was reminded recently why I'm glad we don't actually live on the dirt road:  After it rained hard
last week, the road was impassable, and we turned around and headed back to the paved road.

The kiddos tried to egg me on to drive right through it...but Jas should thank me that I didn't take the bait: I'm sure he would have received a call for help if I tried to take the Silver Bullet through the boggy messy the dirt road had temporarily become.

So, I'll be happy that while I don't live on the dirt road, it is close enough that we can take it to/from our house whenever we want.  As long as it hasn't recently rained hard, that is.


  1. What a beautiful drive! I'd love to know about that house, as well. I've always been fascinated by old, abandoned buildings.

  2. Dirt road riding is our favorite past-time. On Sunday afternoons we usually hit a dirt road and just keeping riding them as long as possible. We've only been completely lost once, but boy it was so much fun!!!



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