Hypothetically Speaking

Some children achieve night-time dryness at the same time - or very shortly thereafter - achieving day-time dryness.

Some do not.  

Some can take years to start being dry at night.


Some can still be wetting the bed 5...or 6...or 7 nights a week, even years after being potty-trained.

IF I had a child that fell into this category...I think that I would think seriously about getting a bedwetting alarm.  And it might would possibly maybe be much like this one...you know, if one of my children needed that sort of thing.

I would only do that if I felt like this was a problem because my child was a very deep sleeper.  I've heard that these sorts of issues can also be helped by chiropractic care...but I wouldn't think that would be an issue for my children because our beloved Dr. Kathy already adjusts them once a month.  But IF I had a child that slept right through their baby brother's nighttime crying...I think that I would surmise that deep sleeping would possibly be the issue behind bedwetting.  You know, if I had a child that had trouble with that.  

And if we purchased this bedwetting alarm, I think that it might would possibly perhaps work wonders.  And relatively quickly.  Like maybe possibly perhaps within just 2 to 3 weeks I think it maybe possibly perhaps might would resolve this child's bedwetting issues.  You know, if I had a child that had trouble with nighttime bedwetting.  

And I think that I might would possibly perhaps be very glad for my child who was able to overcome this issue...because this sort of thing would likely bother a child that had issues with it.

AND...I also think that I might would possibly perhaps be very, VERY glad to not have to wash bedding 5-7 times per week...you know...if I had a child that had trouble with bedwetting.


  1. I am so glad you "hypothetically" posted this!

    We, too, have one child that struggles with bedwetting. Every. single. night. Our pediatrician is unconcerned, so I haven't really been too concerned. But your post reminded me that we used a similar alarm with one of our older children back when they were 6, and what great and fast results we had. I think it's time for us to go that route now. I'm going to click your link today and order one! So I thank you for your post~ it's just what I needed to read.



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