Eating Healthy: Tostadas

My preference for lunch is to just have leftovers from supper the night before...but that does not always happen.  Tostadas are one of the lunches that I like to have on hand, and we usually have them about once every week or two.  

We had them again today, and that reminded that I took pictures the last time we had them, and hadn't done anything with them yet!

These are so simple to put together...Elisabeth actually got ours ready for us today.

We start with 3 avocados for the five of us (the four bigger kiddos and me).  First we scoop out the avocados and mash it up...

...and then we add salsa to taste (I think of this as Cheater Guacamole):

Meanwhile, on a cookie sheet, we lay out a tostada for each of us (found near tortillas at the grocery store):

We spread the cheater guacamole on the tostadas....

...then we sprinkle some chicken (leftover from a previously roasted chicken) on the guacamole...

...and then some shredded cheese, for those who want it (yes, one of my children doesn't like cheese, wha?!?!):

And then....whoever wants it, also has some dollops of sour cream (full fat, organic, please!) on the tippy top:

Then we stick them in a 350 degree oven for several minutes, just to get the cheese melty.


We normally serve this with a glass of whole, raw milk, and some fruit (usually half an apple each).  We might also have a few raw almonds or walnuts, and a few baby carrots.  

Quick.  Easy.  And I feel so good about us getting the good fats from the avocado, and the protein from the chicken helps this quick meal stick with us.


  1. I'm gonna have to try this!!! Had Helen's lasagne tonight. One of the kids read the title and looked at me funny. I said it's Helen's lasagne that I got from Mrs. Joli. That cracked them up :)

  2. I have a no cheese child, too, although he will eat it on pizza and Taco Bell, but not home made tacos.

  3. That looks good! We'll have to try it! And from the looks of your prior post...you guys are all SO busy!!! Looks like you have amazing helpers though!! :) Blessings, Jennifer



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