A First, A Third...And A Last?

 Elisabeth and Noah had their piano recital Monday night.

It was Elisabeth's third piano recital.  Elisabeth played Cloud Gazing and Holy Ground.

 It was Noah's first recital.  He played Little Indian Dance and Holy, Holy, Holy.

I don't think I'm just being biased here: They both did great!

Noah did not even want to take piano lessons, because he knew there would be a recital at the end of the year.  He was (to put it mildly) not wanting to have any part of a recital.  (He is definitely a man after his mama's own heart.)

But he built up confidence as he took lessons over the year...and Monday night he got up there.  And he did it!  And he did great!

Elisabeth amazes me with her grace and stage presence.  From the time she was 4-years old and got up on stage to dance at our town's annual festival...it's been obvious that she is, well...not a girl after her mama's own heart.  It's been neat to see first-hand how some people really are born with that...and we pray God's uses it to bring himself glory.

We are so blessed to have Mrs. Cindy as our piano teacher.  She has a super-long waiting list and she only teaches piano part-time.  She truly loves "her children."  And it doesn't hurt this mama's heart that Cindy sometimes (if she doesn't have a student before or after my kids) will text me and say she's going to pick them up or bring them home.  That is what I call service!

I am usually able to take pictures during the actual piano-playing, but I couldn't wrangle the camera and the video camera at the same time.

I had to be in charge of both because Jas was in the back of the church wrangling a cute little 15-month old.

Noah and Elisabeth with their buddy Emma (daughter of my dear friend Amy).
Em played "Jocularity"...and it. was. amazing!

Elisabeth is - I think - really gifted with the piano.  I love when she sits down - as she does often - to play a little bit.

 Noah - while he did great at the recital - is not nearly as interested in the piano.  Before the recital, Noah said that he didn't want to take piano next year.

I want each of our children to take piano for at least one year.  But I totally understand that it is not going to be everyone's "thing"...and that is totally fine.  So I was fine with him stopping now.

But after the recital, Noah was so jazzed up that he said he does want to take lessons again next year.  We'll see.

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