Miscellany Monday, August 3, 2015: Events, A New Fave Recipe, Songs...and School

Jas and the four oldest kiddos attended their first professional soccer match.

They went with several other dad/kid combos...and had a good time.  I would have really liked to go...but we knew they wouldn't get home until late, so I stayed with G and A so they could get to bed at a reasonable hour (meaning: before midnight).  


We have been loving Jamie Grace at our house for quite a while now.  So, Elisabeth and Lily Kay and I had a blast attending a Jamie Grace concert with some sweet friends.  

On our way home after the  concert...by way of DQ

Jamie's older sister also performed at the concert...and WOW - she was fabulous!  So worshipful.  This was my favorite:


It is not every day that Elisabeth, Lily Kay and I get to get dressed up and go somewhere, just us big girlies.   We had Noah snap some pictures of us before we left.

Elisabeth gets credit for planning the coordinating outfits

It amazes me how easy it is to take pictures when none of the subjects are 1 or 3 years old.  It was almost downright boring!


I have followed Katie at Wellness Mama for years now.  I think very highly of her research and thought process as she strives to raise her five children in a healthy manner.  I bought her cookbook when it was released, but hadn't taken the time to look through it properly until a couple weeks ago. I immediately started writing down page numbers of dishes I want to try.  And this one is a HIT with all of us:

It is our new weekend tradition:  have this yummy Sweet Potato, Sausage and Apple Hash for breakfast...and since we double the recipe (two pans), we get to have another delicious, no-work breakfast a couple days later.  Win-win!


We sang this song in church Sunday morning for the first time.  **Love** it:


We are officially kicking off our 2015-2016 school year today.  I have 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders.  And a 1-year old and 3-year old.

This should be interesting!

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