Elisabeth's 1st Piano Recital

It seems like just yesterday that Elisabeth started her piano lessons.

But it was 9 months ago...and I simply cannot believe how much this precious girl has learned during that time.

On Sunday afternoon, she got to show an audience how much she's learned.

She was antsy and anxious all day. She said she was nervous...but she smiled all morning and early afternoon as she talked about it.

And she did great!

She played two solos: "My Bonny" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children"....

...and she and her buddy Emma played a duet, "Aura Lee."

We could not ask for a better - or sweeter - teacher. We all love Mrs. Cindy! She's got my other children on her waiting list now. Cindy and I have joked that in a few years, instead of bringing my children to meet her, she can just come to our house one day a week and give my kiddos back-to-back lessons all afternoon!

You continue to amaze us, Libeth. Your talents are many and varied, baby girl...and we pray that you always use them to bring glory to your Creator, your perfect Father in Heaven!

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