Very confusing bread

A very health conscious friend passed along something to me from her freezer the other day.

She had just never been able to bring herself to serve it to her family.

I've mentioned before that food around here needs to pass four tests:
- Healthy
- Quick
- Inexpensive
- Yummy

BUT, I may have never mentioned theloophole: If something is totally free, then it's o.k. if it falls short on the "Healthy" aspect!

So, when we had spaghetti the other night, we brought out that box of Texas toast and baked some to go with our supper.

First, Noah had more than one question (good questions, I felt) about why the box said both "New York" AND "Texas" on it. What is up with that???

And then, after taking his first bite of this buttery deliciousness, Noah looked at Jas and I and said, very earnestly:

"Texas makes good toast!"

Jas and I had a hard time making sure that Noah didn't see us giggling!

1 comment:

  1. That is some good toast, and for the record, I DO buy it on occasion. :)



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