The Many (Cute) Faces of Gabriel

Today makes 5 weeks since Mr. Gabriel came home.

To put it simply: We. are. smitten.

...and completely...


All my impatience...

...and the questions I had during our wait for this precious boy...

...faded away when I first saw his precious face.

What I predicted here has come to be, just as I knew it would:

I stand convinced right now, on this side of it, that once we're on the other side of it, we'll look back and say "He worked it out perfectly. If it hadn't all happened exactly like it did...it wouldn't have worked out in this way. And this way is perfect." (July 23, 2011)
Now that we are on this side of Gabriel's adoption I can say - without a doubt - that the Lord did indeed work every detail, down to the smallest iota, out perfectly. And we give Him all the praise and glory for the blessing this child is in our lives.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. He.is.simply.beautiful! Oh my goodness!

    janet and gang

  2. Oh my God, he is so sweet! I love the forth pic, haha. Tiny babies look so funny when they struggle to keep their head up. God bless your beautiful baby boy. <3



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