Out of the Mouth of Babes

Recent sayings from Abigail and Gabriel that I sure don't want to forget:

I was one of four of us who took a turn being sick last week (just a cold, apparently).  When it was my turn, Abigail clambered up into my bed, squeezed her eyes shut, bowed her head, clasped her hands together in front of her and said, "Dear Lord, thank you mama feel better.  Amen!"  It was the first time she had spontaneously prayed like that...and it was precious.

This is a big - if somewhat sad - development:  Abigail has started pronouncing "banana" correctly.  She has always called them "banas."  As in, "May I have a bana, please?"  But the two days ago she busted out with, "May I have a ba-NA-na, please?"  (And she emphasizes the second syllable like that.)  It is so cute!  And so sad!  To my knowledge no one specifically corrected her, she just spotted the difference and fixed it herself.  Yay!  And (sniff)!

Gabriel was #4 to succumb to the cold last week.  It had him sneezing a bunch for a bit there, and he asked me, so perplexed, "What keeps sneezing me?!?"

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