The Ultimate Homeschool Fieldtrip

As soon as church was over on Sunday we hopped in the car and headed to The Best Homeschool Fieldtrip EVER...

...we went to the Legoland theme park in Florida that just opened 4 months ago!

We went with our homeschool group - (plus a few extra family members)

Between the Lego creations all over the park...and the cool rides, we had a fabulous day.

Noah at the Daytona 500 race

Noah in Washington D.C.

Elisabeth in New York City

Learning to drive in their adorable cars. They really had to heed the Stop signs and traffic lights and such

My daughter that has dramatic flair, posing with Darth Vader

The two-story Merry-Go-Round

My son that has dramatic flair posing in a shark's mouth

HOW were we able to get such a big group together for this trip? Well, right now they have a crazy-good homeschool group rate. Instead of the $60-$70 per ticket they normally charge, they charged us $5 per ticket...even for parents! How could we NOT go?!?!?

AND, our family of 7 (still getting used to that new number!) actually went on down the day before the rest of our group.

On our extra day we hung out at Downtown Disney (which is free to get into - love that price!).

It is beautiful...and fun...

...and we enjoy browsing in the stores...

...and eating at the Rainforest Cafe.

But the MAIN reason we like Downtown Disney is (surprise, surprise!) the Lego store!

Why go to the Lego store on Monday when we're about to go to LEGOLAND on Tuesday?

Because the children had some Christmas money they wanted to use to buy legos and we wanted to go and leisurely look around and decide what to buy...

...and we wanted to reserve all our time at the park for RIDES, and not shopping!

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