This One's For You, Kami!

My friend Kami asked me a very important question a few days ago....

Not content with just knowing that I am done with the children's Christmas shopping...she wanted to know what I actually purchased.

Since Kami is a dear, dear friend (seen here, here, and here) I wanted to take her on a pictoral tour of my kiddos' Christmas presents.

Here goes, Kami....

Traditionally, we give each of our children three presents for Christmas (with last year being a famous exception). Our three oldest children all received bibles for Christmas in the past (2 years ago?), but didn't have bible covers yet, so you'll see those on each child's list. It can be hard to figure out what to buy them for presents. We don't have live TV, so they don't see commercials and ask for things. Except Noah - he actually studies the catalogs that come in our mail...so he tells me very specifically what he wants.

Here is Elisabeth's bible cover...

...I plan to print off E's monogram and stick it in the photo frame.

And the only things that E has off-handedly mentioned wanting over the past few months are two American Girl movies...


...and Samantha

Elisabeth doesn't have an actual American Girl, but we love the books (they are excellent historical fiction) and the movies are great too.

On to Noah...

Here is the bible cover I bought for our resident Car Lover:

Finish the Race, Keep the Faith Bible Cover

And Noah specifically asked for this item...Stones of the World Collectors Kit

In addition to loving cars, Noah also loves rocks. We rarely come home from a walk that he doesn't bring home a new specimen for his collection. This set has 32 different kinds of stones, with a natural and a polished version of each one.

While Noah did not ask for this next item, I know that it is right up my boy's alley.

Noah is a fount of all sorts of random knowledge (that he's memorized from reading)...this game will assuredly help add to this.

Next, is Mr. Daniel.

Here is the bible cover I chose for him:

Fight Well in the Lord, Camo Bible Cover

It will match his new camo watch!

Daniel is always building things. So when I saw this, I knew he would love it:

If I don't provide materials like this (or legos, tinker toys and lincoln logs) he builds things out of old paper towel and toilet paper tubes...and I can only handle so much "trash to treasure" laying around!

And while Noah is famous for being a car lover, Daniel is a super car lover in his own right. And I know that he'll love this box for organizing and carrying around his cars....

Now, Miss Lily Kay.

Here is the bible cover we bought LK. E got the pink one, LK is getting the purple one.

Just like with E's, I plan to print off LK's monogram and stick it in the photo frame.

BUT, LK currently has nothing to carry in her bible cover. She wasn't home yet when we purchased actual NIV bibles for each of the children several years ago. But she has been asking for her own bible for a few months now. I think she is going to be very excited to receive this one...

NIV Ladybug Bible

And Miss LK is SO full of extra energy, that I immediately thought of her when I saw this little jewel...

Musical Hippity Hop

Now when she's done with school before the other children and can't go outside to play yet, she can still get some wiggles out...right inside our house!


Last, but certainly not least...(drumroll, please)

Mr. Gabriel!

Now, being the planner/scheduler/organizer/control-freak that I am, I certainly could not let a little thing like not actually having him yet, stop me from buying presents for our newest treasure!


Am I the only one that struggles with buying Christmas presents? My children don't need a thing. Not one stinkin' thing. But I love them. And their delight, delights me. And we, as believers, want to celebrate Christmas - when we received the best present ever.

I suppose it all comes back - like everything - to balance.

Not placing too much importance on the gifts part of Christmas. My children know why Christmas is important - and it's not because of what they receive from us on Christmas day.

And I try not to spend too much on their gifts. Could I have spent less? Yes. Could I have spent more? Easily.

And I try to balance buying more utilitarian things (like bible covers), with "toys" that they will simply enjoy (I do still try to make them educational).

It kills me to declutter and throw away toys that the children received for Christmas in years past, that they just don't care about anymore...or that - truth be told - never were big hits to begin with!

I pray we did better picking out gifts this year!

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