Done in Record Time

I mentioned here that we have been receiving droves of catalogs here at our house. And I've been busy pouring over them, trying to decide what to buy for the children for Christmas.

While I always have a good - and pretty firm - list at this point in the game (a mental list at least, but it's usually actually in my Ipod Touch), for some reason I never get around to finalizing everything until about mid-December.

See, our children normally receive three gifts each, to represent the three gifts that Baby Jesus received from the wise men. (Last year was a famous exception to our normal routine.) And Laoli wants me to be in charge of picking out what she and Papa give the children also. Those things, combined with the fact that our children's so-close ages makes some of their gifts interchangeable ("Should this game go to LK...or Daniel?" Either one!)...means that I have to sit down with a spreadsheet drawn on a sheet of paper to make sense of the gift puzzle. And I normally procrastinate somewhat on the actual decisions.

But this year?

I'm done with the children's shopping.

All of it.

I actually sat down and ordered all of it a couple weeks ago, and we have now actually received all. of. it.

I mentioned here that I've had a sneaky feeling that Mr. Gabriel is going to arrive on the scene sometime in November or December (please, Lord, let that be you and not just me!)...and the children's Christmas presents is one more thing I knew that I could (and needed to!) have done in order to save my sanity.

Mr. Gabriel is receiving three gifts also. Being the self-proclaimed Queen of Decluttering that I am...we no longer had any baby toys!

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