New Side Bar Pictures of the Kiddos

I've been wanting new sidebar pics of the kiddos for weeks...to replace the old ones that were taken at the beach over the summer.

Well Sunday morning after we got home from church (we go to the early service at 9:00 a.m. and get home just before 11 - I love that!)...I grabbed the children and had them come to our front yard with me to try to get some new pics.

I'm happy with what we ended up with...and it didn't take very long at all to get these pics. But there were - of course - some outtakes. I had fun recording our outtakes last fall, so I wanted to make sure to do that again!

Again, Noah was a cinch. He volunteered to go first. Boom, boom, boom.

He didn't take any bad pictures. I just had to choose between the cuteness in one picture...compared to the cuteness in another picture.

Noah: done

Daniel was a little more involved.

But so much easier than last year.

The gnats were giving us some grief....

...but we were pretty quickly able to get a good one.

Daniel: done

Then came Miss Lily Kay.

I only took these three pictures. Total.

First one - trying a little too hard, nostrils flared.

This one was much better...almost there...

...and here we go:

Wow, you've come a long way since last year, baby!

Lily Kay: done

Surprisingly, Elisabeth proved to be the most difficult.

Not for lack of trying...

...because she loves having her picture taken.

But she did lose it a couple times...

...before pulling it together again...

...and taking a good picture.

Elisabeth: done


I wish I understood my fancy schmancy camera well enough to be able to look back and see exactly how long it took me to capture these photos. I really think it only took about 5 minutes, total. They did so good and cooperated so well!

New sidebar pics: DONE!

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  1. These made me laugh! Thanks for sharing and making my morning!



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