Getting Ready, part 2

Perhaps it would have been better if I had not made my "Getting Ready" post on Wednesday a Wordless Wednesday post.

From some of your e-mails and comments, I think it could have - in fact - benefitted from some words.

Words like:

We are still working on our paperwork.

Hence, we have not been matched with a child yet.

And, we are not just about to bring home a baby.

I just like to Plan Ahead (well, except for those times when I like to Totally Procrastinate)

Although, if you ask Elisabeth what is going on with our adoption, she would probably paint a whole different picture for you. She has said - multiple times - "We're going to bring him home any day now...any hour now!"

(Yes, she is our resident Drama Queen.)

And I have told her - multiple times - "Baby, we haven't even finished our paperwork yet...so it is still going to be a while."

The story behind the crib:
Given the fact that we had - showing great insight and forethought - sold all of our baby furniture (crib, glider rocker, dresser/changing table) a year and a half ago when we identified Lily Kay and she was almost 4 and we knew we would never, ever, ever again need any of that sort of furniture ("We make plans...God laughs.") when some of our dear, dear friends offered to loan us a crib (and oh, by the way, precious Pottery Barn bedding to go in it) ...it took us about 2 seconds flat to say...


We actually got the crib from them several weeks ago, when we were down in their city for Daniel's surgery. But, then we had to recover, and then we had to go to the ER, and then The Great Sickness of 2010 hit (and stayed for 3 weeks) and the all-important Birthday of Christ came...and...and...etc....etc...

And it took us until last week to actually get the crib set up.

But, boy howdy, were we all excited to get it set up.

It is beginning to feel real now.


  1. Girl, you are wayyyy ahead of me. I have plans, but that's it. I kind of need a crib to set it up, huh??

  2. Now, those are the details I'm talkin' about! :) What a way to leave folks hanging the other day! Blessings, Jennifer



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