Daniel's Surgery on Wednesday...and some background

Since I didn't have a blog back then, I'm going to catch everyone up on Daniel's history with his SN.

Daniel was born with hypospadias. Yes, go google it...I didn't know what it was before we saw Daniel's file on China's Special Needs list.

You back?

O.k., Daniel had one surgery in China...and his file said he would require one more. Our wonderful urologist, Dr. M, concurred...and assured us that hypospadias was no big deal.

And she is right. It is no. big. deal.

But Daniel's road has been a little longer than we originally thought.

We had his second surgery 3.5 months after he arrived home in 2007. He came home with a catheter in for two weeks. I would have complained...he was fine - a total trooper. But he developed fistulas (holes), which is very common. So, we needed to let him heal for another 6 months before we went back in for the very easy, very quick repair for the fistulas.

May 2008: The 30-minute surgery that should be so easy and so quick (so much so that I went by myself...told Jas to just go on to work) turned into a 2-3 hour surgery. By the time Dr. M came out to talk with me I had worked myself up real good.

Daniel had scarred bad. Dr. M had to scrap everything and we had to start all over. After 3 surgeries, Daniel was now in the same position he was in when he came home from China after 1 surgery.

Let him heal at least 6 months...try again.

December 2008: Daniel has the 2nd stage hypospadias repair done again. Come home with a catheter again (but he acidentally rips it out after 2 days, scares us bad...but it was no big deal). Several small, teeny tiny, fistulas form. No big deal. Daniel can now pee standing up...what more could we ask for??? Dr. M says that if Daniel were old enough, she could take care of these fistulas in the office. No rush on getting them fixed.

2 years later...December 2010.
We passed our Family Out-of-Pocket-Max with our Insurance back in April. So nothing we've done since then has cost us anything. SO, we're thinking it's a good time to get these last little fistulas repaired. But Daniel definitely will need to be put out for this (frankly, I can't imagine any male, no matter the age, being able to be conscious for this!)

SO, on Wednesday Daniel will go in for a quick repair.

We've been here before.

We'd appreciate your prayers.

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