Eventful Weekend

Eventful 24 hours, actually.

That is usually not a good thing when you have 4 children ages 7 and under. And one of them has just had surgery.

On Saturday night Daniel began acting strange and running a fever.

And, of course, this would be the same Saturday night that Jas and I were at his bank's Christmas Party.

Mom called and said Daniel was shivering, couldn't stand up, could barely keep his eyes open and said his head hurt. (And for the cherry on top, some tubing on his catheter came undone and it leaked everywhere.)

We had at least 8-10 phone conversations with Laoli during the 40 minutes that it took us to get back home to them. Mom almost called 911 (I told her to go ahead, by all means!)...but he started looking a little better.

We spent 2 hours in the ER and 1.5 hours in Convenient Care the next day. And talked with our urological surgeon Dr. M twice on Saturday night and twice on Sunday.

Ear infection in his right ear.


We, of course, assumed it must have something to do with the surgery or the catheter (infection? UTI?). But, nope - after a urinalysis and checking him out thoroughly, the doctor concluded it was an ear infection.

And today?

Daniel shows no signs from his weekend adventures.

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  1. They sure know how to scare us, don't they? :) I'm glad he's feeling better today.



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