In Front of the Christmas Tree: A Retrospective

As I looked at the shots we captured of the kiddos in front of the Christmas tree this year...I couldn't help but think back to similar pics we'd taken in years past.

I am a sucker for year-over-year studies of their pictures. (As you can see here and here.)

So, here are my babies. In front of the same tree, in the same corner of our home, ever since we started our family:

Ever since I became a mom, people have been telling me things like "They grow up before you know it..." and "Blink...and they're gone." I used to just smile and nod.

But now I see it for myself.

So now as I'm nodding and smiling...I try not to cry.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. What precious photos! And so fun to see the chnages over the years. You're right...when watching a child grow up, time flies. My sophomore in college was just a wee thing yesterday....I'm sure of it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this 'journey'!

    My, how quickly these kids of ours grow up!

    Hang on!


  3. Oh. how. sweet!! I love the pictures, and yes, time goes so quickly!

  4. OH my! Look at Elisabeth....it does make me want to cry when I think of both of our big girls all growing up....love the look back at how life has changed!

    I hope Daniel is doing better.



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