Azaleas - A retrospective

The azaleas in our yard are in their full glory right now.

And it. is. beautiful.

I love when this happens every year...like an announcement: Spring is here. To stay.

It will soon be so hot that we won't want to be outside...unless we're in a pool.

But right now...right now it is fabulous. And we're outside alot. Eating multiple meals a day and doing some school outside.

I caught the kids last night right before we all headed inside for the night.

I love getting their pictures in front of the azaleas every year.

Here are our 3 cuties in 2008.

In 2007, we only had 2 cuties. And I was so enthralled with their cuteness, I didn't actually catch much of the azaleas.

Here they are in 2006. Ahhh...simply adorable.

And here is our first cutie - back when she was our only cutie - in 2005.

I just want to pinch those cheeks!

Looking back at year-over-year pictures like this always makes me wistful...teary even. My babies are growing up. I know that. I see it every day. But retrospectives like this always make it so obvious.

And while I wouldn't go back to that time even if I could...it still makes me wistful.

(For those of you observant enough to notice that we don't have any 2009 pictures, here is the explanation/confession: We pruned our azaleas at the wrong time that year, and they never bloomed in Spring 2009! Boy, did these non-green-thumbers learn our lesson!)


  1. Love the photos! We are loving this spring weather here too. Isn't it great to be outside??

  2. Awwwwwwwww....I see those chubby cheeks in photos of my girls, and I miss them.....
    I love the blast from the past....
    tired from another day of WA!

  3. Precious pictures....especially really like the picture of Lily hugging both of her brothers to death...

  4. Sweet pictures. You are right. They do grow up way too fast. I just blinked, and our Ted turned 24 this past February! Thanking God that he is giving us the chance to do it again with our little boys. I am sure in 20 some years from now I will still be saying, "I just blinked, and they grew up!"

    Janet and gang

  5. So precious!!! Love the new pictures of those precious babies. They change so much once they are with their forever families. I can even see their "angel wings" sprouting!! Much love!



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