Box Day!

YAY - Box Day!!!

Box Day?!?!??

What is Box Day?

Why are my two oldest (my only two officially "schooling" children) so excited about this particular box?!??!?

It's got our SCHOOL curriculum for next year!

And - in case you can't tell - my children love all the books we read with our school curriculum! And so does their mama!

Noah woke up on this day saying "That box is driving me crazy!" Meaning: "I have got to get into that box!"

Every year when we get our tax return, we go ahead and buy our curriculum for the following school year.

And I love doing it. I get so excited!

I love perusing the catalog...again. (Hint to potential Sonlight users: do NOT buy a "Newcomer package", talk to me...I'll tell you how to do Sonlight on a budget.)

I love filling up my "shopping cart" on Sonlight's website.

And I love getting our box.

Almost as much as our children do.

And I love setting up my big blue Sonlight binder - with the schedule pages for all 36 weeks. I know, I know...I'm a nerd. I'm o.k. with that.

And now, one of our bookshelves in the schoolroom (read: far end of the dining room) looks like this:
We're all ready for next year!

And my anal-retentive little heart couldn't be happier!


  1. You are TOO funny! :) Hope the coming school year goes great!!!

  2. Hey - I am going to a curriculum sale tomorrow and hope to find some good buys. E-mail me with some suggestions about how to buy Sonlight on a budget! You might have done it previously, but I tend to forget!! Old age - I think - or just crazy life!

    Love the pictures of your children pouring over the new curriculum. So cute.


  3. Hey Janet - I just sent you a big, long message through the FTIA Yahoo group! Have fun at the sale tomorrow - how exciting!

  4. YAYYYY Box day!!! Thanks for the sneak peek into next year!! You need to send those photos into Sonlight for next year's catalog!! Tell everyone we said hello!!



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