What Was THAT All About, Lord?

It's been busier than normal this week, with Daniel's surgery, so I haven't had time to post this yet.

But I don't want to forget what the Lord did.

Although I still have not quite figured out exactly what He did...or why.

Already - just 5 days later - it seems surreal to recall what happened. So I want to record it, otherwise I'm pretty sure I will look back and think that I must be making it up in my mind.

Last Sunday evening, we got a call from someone at church.

The short version: Due to a medical emergency, a lady (that we didn't know) who has custody of her granddaughter (who we didn't know) needed help with that just-turned-2-year old granddaughter. Our pastor had called one of the ladies in our Orphan Ministry (thinking that we were a good place to start with this issue) and now my family was getting the call.

Could she stay with us overnight?

Precious Baby A came and stayed with us.

She played piano with the girls...

She helped Daddy pick out our next Netflix picks...

She slept with Jas and I in our king-sized bed that night.

We didn't know heading into it exactly how long she'd need to be here. It only ended up being one night.

But, WOW, in that short amount of time that precious little thing made a big impact on us.

The children had a ball with her. Following her around everywhere. When they woke up Monday morning, they made a bee-line right past Jas and I and ran into our room..."Where's the baby? Where's the baby?"

I was so emotional when we got back home from taking Baby A back home to her grandmother, after the grandmother got home from the hospital. My dear friend Amy called precisely when we were walking back in the door. She got to hear lots of tears and rambling as I began processing what had just happened in the past 24 hours.

What was that all about, Lord?

Were You seeing if we are really ready to have another little one in the house? (I have to admit that I felt not-a-little anxiety as I chased this 2-year old around the house...taking legos out of her mouth,etc.)

Were You giving us a little taste of what it will be like to have a child of a different race here in our house? It was not lost on us that this precious girl you placed here for one night was bi-racial. You don't do coincidences...

Were You seeing if Jas and I will say "yes" when confronted with a need?

What was it all about Lord? What lesson do you have for us in this? I want to learn and grow and get from every experience all that you have for us...


  1. Nothing is a coincidence with God! Waiting to see what He has in store for you all! :)

    janet and gang

  2. I have tears running down my face reading this and knowing God chose me to be a part of this divine appointment. The Monday after it all happened and I had talked to you Terry and I both agreed that this had truely been a divine appointment and we were lucky enough to be a part of it. ... Thank you Lord for loving me so much that YOU use me for YOUR work. I love it!!!



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