Daddy's Day Off

We were all so excited that Daddy had the day off from work today!

We celebrated by....cleaning! Everyone pitched in and we got lots accomplished this morning.

All that hard work apparently took its toll and before we knew it...we had a medical emergency on our hands:

Who was the victim of Cleaning Overdose?


Lily Kay: "Daddy! She's a very sick!"

So, Dr. Daniel and Dr. Lily Kay whipped out their trusty Vet Kit, er, I mean medical kit, and went to work on him right away!

Dr. Lily Kay is the younger physician, but what she lacks in practical medical knowledge, she makes up for with her great Bedside Manner.

Dr. Lily Kay had asked me to put her hair in "big tails" , but she became so busy and active in her patient's care that one of her big tails fell out. But who cares about physical appearances? She only cares about her patients!

Dr. Daniel on the other hand, has been in the medical profession for years, and has started to get The Big Head. He does care about his own physical appearance...very much! You will never catch him without one - and usually two - pair of glasses on!

Dr. Daniel: "I'm going to check this...if it's not good, we'll have to hydrate."

But instead, he chose to administer Carbon Dioxide Therapy to his patient. This therapy is less well-known than oxygen therapy, but it is much cheaper as the physician just blows air up the patient's nose.

Back to sweet Dr. Lily Kay...

"I love you daddy...I miss you le go to work."

Yes, we all miss you when you go to work, Daddy...and I'm so glad that you got to stay home with us today!


  1. How in the world did Jason remain so calm through all of this?! (And not totally bust a gut?)

  2. Indoor recess for the kids...means a minute of relaxation for the teacher...
    and, just the chuckle I need. ;)



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