Big Tails

The ramifications of Lily Kay's foray into hairstyling were worse than we first realized.

We thought she only cut on the left side of her head. Oh no, she didn't want the right side to feel left out.

When we ran into our precious Mrs. Donna at Walm*art, she agreed with what I'd been fearing - we just need to let it grow out...if she tried to even it all out, LK's hair would end up as short as it was last April.

So, we're making do as best we can...read: To try to disguise the hacked on hair that looks thin and stringy when she wears it down (unless it is very freshly washed) LK is wearing lots of pigtails lately...

But she calls them "Big" tails.

When people ask about her cutting her hair, and if she's going to do that again, Lily Kay tells them what I know to be "No, Mrs. Donna cut my hair", but at this point it's coming out a lot like "No, McDonald cut my hair!"

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