My Date With Elisabeth

Daddy has his "Friday Breakfast Out" with the Children.

But I don't have any set thing like that with the children.

I am, of course, with them every waking minute of every day (except when we're at church)...but that is very different than having individual time with the children.

Elisabeth asked last week if she and I could have a "date".

Great idea!

So after church on Sunday she and I headed out for our adventure. Her choice.

We started at a local Mexican place. She loves it...the rest of us are just so-so about it, so we hardly ever go. So, what better place to pick!

Libeth ordered quesadillas (surprise, surprise) and asked for the white cheese dip to go with the complimentary chips.

And to top it all off, she asked for dessert (I didn't even know they served dessert at this place, we've never ordered it before).

They do! Leave it to this sweets-loving girl to snoop out the dessert!

So she got the "Fried Ice Cream"...

...with a cherry on top - which this girl loves!

Elisabeth had asked if we could go get our "fingernails painted." When we got there I saw it really wasn't much more to get a manicure, so we both got manicures!

And she picked her color and design all by herself:

Light pink polish with white polka dots!

Very sweet (like my Libeth)

Very understated (not so much like my Libeth)

And now, of course, the other 3 are counting down the days until it is each of their turns to have a date with Mama!


  1. Oh how sweet! Sometimes my littles and I have a date one at a time, and it is so fun. I even have a time with Ted each week when we go work out. So special to have those times.




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