Seen and Heard Around Here Lately: A Teeny Braid, "Holes", Laughs and....They Never Let Up

The older children have been asking for months when we could get Abigail's ears pierced.  They thought she needed some "holes", as LK used to refer to them.  I held off as long as we could stand, but we decided Saturday was the day, so we took our littlest sissy to get herself some holes.

She did great....as I expected.  This baby girl is amazing!  She cried for approximately 10 seconds for each ear...and then cooed and "talked" all the way home.  Totally fine.

And she has continued to be fine ever since...even though we have to mess with her ears multiple times a day to care for the new holes.

We've been cleaning her ears three times a day, and turning the earrings multiple times a day also, as we were instructed.  (Noah and LK have assigned themselves this task, and it gets done MANY times a day...and A doesn't mind it at all!)


Here is the 'do that A sported for church on Sunday:

My first Teeny-Weeny Flat braid!  I thought it was a cornrow, but according to one of the books I have, it is - technically speaking - a Dutch Braid.


Lily Kay has been on a roll the past few days, cracking me up!

Gabriel said something about a "tree" and "Jesus", (I think referring to the story of Zaccheus in Luke 19).  Lily Kay piped up, "Oh, you mean Ezekiel!"  I was about to correct her when she began to correct herself, "No, not Ezekiel...you mean IKEA!!"

Matt Papa is our current favorite artist, and we listen to his CD often in the Silver Bullet.  Track #10 is a favorite for most of the children, "The Lord is a Warrior."  One section of the song, a guest artist comes in and raps a little, and he begins his section by saying, "Revelation 19..."  We have been listening to this for months now...but just found out that LK has instead been singing this the whole time:  "Revelation Francine..."


Gabriel is quite the 3-year old stinker right now.  I might would be quite worried about him, except I've had four other 3-year olds...and I think we'll all survive.  Maybe.

But at least he is pretty polite about his disobedience (most of the time).

His new favorite response when I ask/tell him to do something (for example:  "Gabriel, you need to share that toy with Sarah Joy")....

G: "Hmmmm, let me sink.....no."


The children have always been relentless about wanting and asking for more siblings.  And they never wait long after our newest addition, before they start putting in for the next one.

Recently, though, things have taken on a new twist...

They have been asking us lots of questions about why Jas and I have never had biological children.  I always respond with the truth and as much info as I know, "Well, daddy and I knew we'd adopt, but we just assumed we'd have biological children also.  But it has just turned out that the Lord has chosen to grow our family through adoption."

And then Noah piped up during a recent family prayer time (out of the blue, for me anyway) and prayed that I would get pregnant.  I literally choked and sputtered during the prayer, I was so surprised! Noah looked at me like I was crazy, "What is wrong, mama?"  "Oh, nothing, buddy!"

And then for part of his Language Arts assignment yesterday, Daniel had to write a sentence that included the words "an angel."

Here is what he wrote:

"Yesterday an angel told me that mama is going to have a baby boy."

(S.  M.  H. )


  1. Oh my word, that is the best post ever. Love it! (And fully expecting news of Baby Isaac soon. LOLOL)

    1. I am SOOOO slow, Joy: When I first read your comment, I was thinking, "I would want to name him Joseph (finally!)...not Isaac." Took me longer than it should have to get the Isaac reference! Funny thing, just this morning, Elisabeth piped up (they are all NOT letting go of this!), "If God can make old Sarah pregnant, He can make you pregnant!" True indeed, baby girl!

  2. I LOVE this! I thought the LK part was the best, until I kept reading! Oh, a new baby would be grand! ;)



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