Miscellany Monday - January 26, 2015

Gabriel has begun making up his own words, like my other children like to do.

Gabriel and I were talking in the kitchen, and he was excited about something (can't remember what...this is why I have a blog) and declared that it was "Spectaculous!"  (I thought that combo of "spectacular" and "fabulous" was very creative...that word is a keeper!)

When I shared the above cute story with Jas, he remembered to tell me this one: The other day when G was "helping" Jas milk Chelsea, he got excited about something and said it was "Tastic!"


This is how I did Sissy's hair for church last Sunday:

Can't see the hair style very well?  Neither can I.  I DO however, see a very cute and very happy little girl.

(aside:  I so want to be a better photographer.  I feel like I'm missing some of the best pics of my kiddos!)

Here are some that show the hairstyle a little better....

 An ear-to-ear part, flat two-strand rope twists, free hair in the back:

The style lasted approximately 3 or 4 hours.  As she was rolling around and playing in the floor after church, one of her fingers grabbed the beginning of the bigger twist and pulled it right out.  I tried tucking it back in...and that lasted for approximately 3 seconds.  Oh well.

In what I think of as a cruel twist of irony, right now while I am the slowest at doing styles, they will last the least amount of time because of all the rolling around that Abigail is still doing.  I am NOT wanting to rush her into crawling, walking, etc....but longer-lasting hairstyles will be one definite benefit of her getting older/bigger!

 Here is how I did Sissy's hair for church just yesterday:

Ear-to-ear part, a "veil" of piggy-backed two-strand rope twists, free hair in the back.

I figured some practical things out while doing this yesterday morning, and I know I will be able to do it faster next time.  Practice makes perfect?  I sure hope!

All the sitting and posing...

 ...and looking cute....

 ....made A hungry!


Noah had a Language Arts assignment last week (in his Intermediate Language Lessons book) to write a letter to someone, describing an exciting event that happened during the past week.  Noah asked if he could make up something that happened, instead of it describing a real event.  I told him to go for it!

This is what he came up with...and I think it is just so creative:  A letter written to daddy and I, set in the year 2033.  Cars play a starring role in his letter (and life)(not surprising)!

(Translation below the picture)


Dear Mom and Dad,
     I love you so much!  I am now the owner of Ferrari!!  I want you to come to Italy soon!  I can't wait to see Gabriel and Abigail, they have grown up too fast.  I have a new ride waiting for you here.  Where are Elisabeth, Daniel and Lily Kay?
     Don't tell Gabriel and Abigail that I bought them a basketball and a gift card for 30 dollars.  Are thre any new stores or something?  I miss you so much!
                                                                  With love,

(stickers of the Italian flag and the American flag)

Future letter
Really wrote
on Jan-16-15
By Noah
Age Almost 11


We are hoping - and praying (literally) - that Chelsea is preggers.  We should know in the next few days.  If she doesn't come into heat in the next few days, that would be spectaculous!

If anyone had told me 10 years ago that I'd actually pray to the Lord of the universe about getting a cow pregnant, I'd have thought they'd lost their ever-lovin' minds.  And yet, here I am....

I have learned over and over since becoming an adult:  Never say "never."

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