Kitchen Chalkboard Project

I mentioned in my post about our upper kitchen cabinet-cum-entry island, that I had a project in the works to go on the wall above it.  I joked that it just might take me another 18 months to get that project finished.

Here, only....ummm, 3 months later, is the finished project:

It is a chalkboard where we can share scripture and helpful/funny sayings!  (Little reminders for all the little yahoos running around here...and the two big yahoos also!)

I am so excited...I have wanted one of these for forever!

I found this frame at TJ Maxx in October.  It had originally been a mirror, but when I found it on the clearance shelf, the mirror itself was broken and the frame had been marked way down.

In a (rare) moment of vision and creativity, I saw before me not a broken and useless mirror...but a chalkboard waiting to be hung above my entry cabinet!!!

The frame was always a great color for the kitchen, so I didn't have to touch it at all.  I got to work quickly and primed the backboard.

And then...

And then...

The project languished in a forgotten corner of the dining/school room.

We had something else (thankfully) hanging in that empty spot above the entry cabinet during the Christmas season, but now that our Christmas decorations have been put away....that empty spot has just been mocking me.

I could hear it every time I walked past...which is approximately 1,000 times a day (no joke):
"You are a slacker.  You never finish anything.  You have unfinished projects everywhere.  You will never finish that chalkboard!"  

And if it had been up to me, the project still would not be done.  Anything "extra" like that  (you know, things that don't involve feeding or schooling my children), will invariably be pushed and pushed...way down to the bottom of my "To-Do" list...and sometimes right off my To-Do list.

Knowing that it was bothering me, this past weekend, Jas oversaw Elisabeth finishing the painting, and then he put it back together for me!  Ta-da!

I love it...and I love him for making it happen for me!

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