New and Improved - aka: I Have Very Smart Friends

For Christmas my dear friend Vicki gave me a beautiful jar with a beautiful red ribbon, containing a BEAUTIFUL homemade lotion.

This is NOT the jar that Vicki gave me....

...because that jar of lotion is already long gone.  We LOVED it!

The thing is, I could kick myself.  I am so stinkin' lazy.  The lotion Vicki made was essentially the same lotion/body butter that I make.  With one exception:  she whipped it.

I'd read about that many times.  But it seemed to me like a waste of time.  It was the same ingredients...same lotion...why would I want to waste time and bother whipping it?  That wouldn't change the lotion.

But, oh....it DOES change the lotion!

During the cooler temperatures of winter, the regular homemade lotion is harder.  It only takes a few seconds for it to start melting and be spreadable once I scoop it up in my hands.  But when you're dealing with two squiggly babies that don't want to be still for a few seconds...that time matters!

Another benefit:  Whipping takes the lotion from a great, healthy lotion to....extravagant feeling!

It seriously is like spreading cool whip on yourself.  Or icing.

Either of which would apparently be wonderful.

We use this on all of us...especially our youngest two, who have - by far - the driest skin in our house (and I actually use it on Abigail's hair also, but that is another post).

So here is the new and improved directions for homemade lotion - whipped!

Homemade Whipped Lotion

Equal parts:

Coconut Oil
Shea butter
Cocoa Butter (could use mango butter instead, etc.)

I used about 8 oz of each of them.  Just melt them together in a pot, stirring.  Then set them off the stove to cool  (I actually ended up putting my pot in the fridge to get the lotion cool enough).  Once it hardens back up, whip it up using either a stand mixer (that would be handy), or a hand-mixer (this is what I used).  You need to whip it for quite a little while (which is why I'd never tried it before...like I said, I'm lazy)...but my children think this is fun, so they took turns with me.

Then...enjoy the silky, heavenly deliciousness!


I shared a while back how I use straight baking soda for deodorant.  At the time I was just wetting two fingers and dipping them in the baking soda to distribute in my pit.  (Sorry, no pictures of my pits...no need to thank me!)

Well, not long after that, my friend Mrs. Carol and I were talking at our monthly co-op pickup.  She and her daughter Abby had discovered a different and easier way to apply the baking soda:

Using a big make-up brush!

I picked up a brush at the dollar store...and I've been enjoying applying my baking soda this way ever since!

Thank you, Mrs. Carol and Abby!

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