Father Daughter Dance - 2015

The night that Elisabeth had been waiting and planning for for weeks finally arrived Saturday.

The 2015 Father Daughter Dance.

Elisabeth looks so forward to this event every year.  She has already begun talking about next year!

And she has for months already been talking about "when Abigail will be old enough to go" and what kind of dress we should buy for A.

Elisabeth has always been this excited about the dance.  Ever since she went the first time when she was 2 1/2 years old.

Elisabeth was 3 1/2 in this picture...

...and 5 1/2 in this picture:

Elisabeth has gained a little height on Jas over the past few years!

2015- Elisabeth is 11 1/2

Jas came home tired and sore Saturday night.  Dancing "The Chain Saw" twice and "The Wobble" three times in one evening will do that to a 41-year old body!  (Not to mention The Hokey Pokey and The Macarena and...and....)

Lily Kay is still on her Dance strike.  She attended the dance with E and daddy exactly one time...when she was 4.  She was not fond of it. To put it mildly.  That's her story and she's sticking to it.  As I herded Jas and Elisabeth around the yard to try to find good light for these pictures right before they headed out...LK was busy running around the yard and driveway with N and D, with a soccer ball that they were currently using with the basketball goal.  She'd rather play ball - any kind of ball - than get gussied up and go dance!

I had an interesting time trying to snap photos, not just because of lighting issues...we also had photo-bombing issues.

Here is the culprit, front and center:

As he waved his arms in the air, he kept repeating a phrase.  We think he was saying (or trying to say) "Block the net!  Block the net!!"  (Thanks a lot to my 6'4" former high school and college Bball-playing dad!)

I cherish all of the memories we're making.  

Now excuse me while I go cry...

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