Homemade Lotion

Our children have drier skin than Jas and I do.  I thought our Asian cuties had dry skin...and then our brown-skinned babies came home!

Learning more over the years meant that I was no longer happy (or willing) to put Johnson's baby lotion on my babies.

Honestly, this made me sad...because Johnson's baby lotion smells so yummy.  But put all those chemicals on my sweet babes?  No way.

Don't put anything on your skin, 
(or your baby's scrumptious skin) 
that you wouldn't put in your mouth.


I started making our own lotion several years ago.  It is so easy...AND (bonus)....it is yummy-smelling too!

Just 3 ingredients (easily found on Amazon if you can't find locally)::

Coconut oil
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter

Combine in equal amounts in a saucepan and melt.

With this batch, my 4 oz container of Cocoa Butter was my limiting factor.  So I just also scooped out 4 oz of Shea Butter (1/2 of the package I had on hand) and 4 oz of Coconut Oil. 

When it has cooled down, I pour it back in jars or containers...

...and then slather away!

And my precious babies smell like chocolate because of the cocoa butter!

I apparently need to learn more about aperture or F-stops or shutter speed or something...if I want to catch a clear pic of my never-still 2-year old.

You can use Mango Butter instead of the Cocoa Butter. But then the babes don't smell like chocolate...and where is the fun in that???

Abigail likes the lotion.

How do I know?

Before I start spreading it on:

After I start spreading it on:

And G likes the "lo lo" too.  

But then he likes pink hammers....

And he also likes acting dramatic when mama asks for a picture of him...

How dare I ask for a picture of him???

Yes, I have cloth diapers and plan to use them again in the future.  Truly I do.
Some day.  When I don't have a 6-week old.

The moral of this post:

Make lotion - 3 ingredients, super easy.

Don't nibble on your yummy-smelling children - not so easy.


I know whip the lotion after I make it.  It changes the texture and makes it not only easier to spread, it also feels downright luxurious!   See the post with more info on this HERE.

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