It has now been 7 weeks and 3 days since we moved into our new house.  I've been very hit or miss with posts since then, partly because we've been busy...and partly because we have the worst internet service in southeast United States.

But my memory card is about to explode (even though I haven't done a great job at taking pictures of everything the past 7 weeks)...so I'm going to do a big DUMP!

I intend - here and now - to get caught up on all the posts that I've missed over the past few weeks.

Short version:

Jas turned the big 4-0!

I went to my first homeschool convention with my dear friend Melissa.

Jason's mom came from Colorado to stay with us for a week.

Jas got a company car.

My brother and his precious family came for a week from Kansas (they stayed with my mom, though).

The kids went to Camp Winshape for a week.

Jason's dad came from Oregon to stay with us for a week.

The children and I went to the beach for 2 weeks.

The waaaaaaay longer version, including some pictures:

The day after we moved into our new house, Jas turned 40.  WOOHOO!  While I promise we did celebrate our daddy's big day, I'm such a good wife that I realized later that I took not one picture to commemorate this banner day.  boo...hiss.  Jas did a much better job celebrating my 40th birthday than I did celebrating his.  My excuse is that our Family-of-7 moved the day before, but I still feel very lame.  Forgive me, Jas?

The day of our move my Great Uncle Billy died, so three days after we moved in, the children and I spent hours at the service and eating lunch with all of my extended family.  It was sad for all of us, but Uncle Billy came to know and love the Lord after his aneurysm and stroke 18 years ago, so he was ready.  It was so nice to see my extended family that we only get to see every once in a while, and many got to meet Mr. G in person for the first time.

Four days after we moved in G and I spent the morning at the doctor's office.  His skin issues were not resolving like we hoped, and I wanted to get a second opinion on what our next course of action should be.  I loved this new doctor we saw (although we're not leaving Dr. J, because we love him too), and she was very helpful in confirming what we'd been doing and what our next step should be.  I need to do a whole post about Mr. G's skin.....

Then 6 days after we moved in, my buddy Melissa and I left for an overnight trip to go to a homeschool convention.  My first!  We had a wonderful, soul-refreshing time...and the convention wasn't bad either.  It was my first time spending the night away from G and we both survived, despite my worries.

The next day, on my way home from the convention, I picked my mother-in-law Linda up at the airport.

Linda is a hard, hard worker...and she just happens to love painting.  So paint we did while she was here for a week.  We painted all the walls in the old house to make them all neutral, instead of the bold colors we had.  Jas was at work all week, and two days into painting, Linda and I knew that she and I alone were not going to finish and needed to call in reinforcements.  Arica to the rescue!!!  Arica came and painted with us for three. solid. days!

G totally loves Aunt Arica...he must have been tired here!

What else did we do while Linda was here?  We finally celebrated Jas' 40th birthday right!

Linda toted fun beach themed birthday decorations with her from Colorado and we had a surprise party waiting for Jas when he got home from work one day.

I don't know who had more fun...Jas, or the kiddos.

Ready to dig into his favorite: pound cake!

Linda, can you believe your oldest baby is 40?

And how does that work...with you still being 29 and all?

Also while Linda was here, Daddy's company car arrived.

This car is such an absolute answer to prayer.  Jas' truck is 12.5 years old and has started having issues.  So he has been thinking/looking for a few months about getting a gently-used smaller car for him, that would also get better mileage. (I smiled and nodded as he talked about it, thinking to myself, "And we're going to pay for a car how???")

But then....

...he was told he gets a company car!  Jas got to pick it out.  Though he could have chosen a truck or SUV, he chose a smaller car like he'd been wanting.  It is a 2014, and it's decked out with fancy-schmancy things we've never had before....like remote start.  Thank you for this blessing, Lord!

Next, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew were here in town visiting.

LK loves her Uncle Jeff

Mandi leading the children in a craft.


Eating a Southern Summer favorite - boiled peanuts!

G and Lao Lao not doing crafts...or eating peanuts...but having a good time nonetheless.

While we were at mom's one evening, someone drove by the empty lot next to her house reaaaaaalllllly slooooooow...and dropped something out of the window.  We saw them do it...and wondered what they'd dropped.  

The ever-curious Noah and his very accomodating Aunt Mandi walked down the street to investigate.

This is what they'd dropped out their window:

And we now own a kitten. 

Next, the kids attended Camp Winshape at a local church for a week.  They. loved. it!

Winshape is a program founded/run by Chick-Fil-A.  We were very impressed with this camp and the children are looking forward to participating again next year.  

In addition to group activities, each child was able to choose three "skills" they would participate in all week.  

LK chose archery, basketball and flag football.


Daniel chose soccer, flag football and secret ops (they snuck around and did kind/helpful things for people).

Noah chose painting, soccer and crafts.


Elisabeth chose dance, drama and crafts.

We were extremely impressed with the young adults that are spending their summer traveling around the country with Winshape.  



The children had camp every day that week from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  This was a very strange first for us.  They've never been away from me that long!  Mr. G and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves!  You'd think that I have no reason for some projects still remaining undone at our new house...but you'd be wrong.  Turns out that even just having a one-year old at home all day is enough to keep you busy!

And then the day after camp ended, Elisabeth, Gabriel and I met up with our buddies Robbie, Josie-Tatum and Ellie to head to our sweet Abby's wedding - woohoo!

It took us about 19 hours from the time we left the house that morning until we pulled back into the driveway (at 2 a.m.)...and getting to see this precious girl marry her precious prince charming was worth every bit of it!!!

Abby and Michael got married on the campus of their college, where they met.  It was the first time I'd ever been there, and it was beautiful!  Our three girly girls decided it was too picturesque to pass up the opportunity for a photo shoot.

I'm so glad we were able to attend the wedding...so that Elisabeth could see first-hand this precious couple, who love the Lord so much, making this commitment.

And, ummm....we had fun!

We didn't know this girl, but G started flirting with her, then she wanted to hold him (of course)
and then she produced this hat from somewhere...and G was in. heaven!

And we waved goodbye to Abby and Michael and threw rainbow sprinkles at them as they wisked away...how appropriate.

And the night of Abby's wedding, Jason's dad Phil arrived from Oregon, to stay with us for a week.

The reason for Phil's visit was to help get work done also.  

But we managed to squeeze in some fun too.

I am so thankful that both of Jason's parents were able come and help...and it was a blessing to visit with them again too!

And the day that Phil flew back to Oregon is the same day that the 5 kiddos and I headed down to the beach, to stay at my parents' timeshare for two weeks....and that...brings us up-to-date! (phew)

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  1. Love the update. Funny you mention the 40 29 thing. Samuel said just other day that Granny was only 35. Grace said, "Samuel, Momma is about to be 33. Granny can't be 35." "Oh, okay 38." Needless to say, he is now Granny's favorite ;)



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