My Poor Baby

Bless his heart, Gabriel has been absolutely miserable for the past few days.

He started with a runny nose.  And then ran some fever.  It took us a few days to figure out that he was teething.  Again.  This is #13 and #14.  And they're big molars on the top.  And this is the hardest time he's had with teething to-date.  

And then, a few days after the teething got ramped up, this set in:

The other arm and leg look just like this also.

His legs actually look worse than they appear here.
I'm not a good enough photographer to do justice to skin issues on chocolate skin.

As awful as it looks, this is actually an answer to prayer.  We've had G on an elimination diet for several months now trying to figure out what is causing him problems.  His skin was doing much, much better.  So we tried a "challenge" (adding something back into his diet to see if it caused a reaction).  

Ummmm...yes.  Yes, it did.  And quick...and big...and bad.  But now we're getting some answers and finally making progress.

It itches our poor baby and I can't wait for it to go away again now!

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