Bold Colors

We are scheduled to close Friday at 4:30 p.m.  It looks like it really and truly is going to happen this time.  We are exCITed!

I mentioned (and showed pictures to prove it!) that our new house has some rather bold colors going on in some of the rooms.  And we plan to change those.

It is not that we have problems with bold colors, per se.  We just want them to be bold colors of our choosing.  

No, we certainly aren't afraid of taking a stand on colors.  In this current house we have rooms in each these following colors:


Yes, I certainly love using color as a relatively inexpensive way to make decorative statements.  

My kiddos have apparently inherited this "gene".  They have been super-excited about painting their new rooms.  We took the opportunity last night to head to Lowe'$ in the next town over to go ahead and get our paint so we'll be right ready to get started painting!

The children have been talking and planning for weeks.  It required some compromise, as the girls are sharing a room, and the bigger boys are sharing a room.

And I got to pick out the color for Gabriel and Joseph's room...sorry little buddies!  But knowing that I was wanting a green color, Lily Kay and Daniel both kept coming to me with suggestions for G's room:

The girls had agreed on "turquoise", although not until we got there did I realize that E and I had very different "turquoise" shades in mind.  

The girls have plans for other "embellishments" they want to add to their room...but our lips are sealed!

I was very proud of myself and Jas last night, though.  We were very good about letting the kiddos be in charge of the colors they chose, even when they would not have been our first choices.  

Yes, we did get the boys all three of the colors they are holding in this picture:

The boys have big, secret plans also.  It may - or may not - have come from an idea I saw on pinterest.  I may - or may not - be sorry that I showed them the idea.  

We were at the store for about an hour and a half total...and I only had to accompany kids to the bathroom twice, woohoo!  What did Mr. G do while we were in "Paint-Picking-Out-Heaven"?  He hung out in the ergo.

Doesn't he look thrilled to be in Lowe'$ bathroom at 8:30 at night?  

Or not.

The girls hurried through their bathroom trip, because they did NOT want to miss the paint actually getting mixed.

It was like a little educational fieldtrip...we had so much fun.  A very nice and helpful young woman helped us...

...and explained things to us as we went along.

And then she told the children they could come around the counter to get closer.  Elisabeth was a little excited about that.  (My poor, deprived homeschooled children.)

So then they got to watch all the goings-on from a closer range...

...and Ashley explained things along the way.

And before we knew it, we were leaving with lots-o-paint!

OK, you dear friends who have volunteered to help us paint the new house:  You ready???


  1. I want to help!!! I am planning to come home the weekend of April 13!! I want to help however I can!!! Love and miss ya'll!

    1. Wow, Ansley - we would LOVE to see you...and we would really LOVE to see you as you help us at the new house! Put us down on your dance card for the weekend - we'll either just play, or paint, or you may get to help us move in!



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