The Stars Aligned

A once-in-a-lifetime thing is going on right now.

All four of my older kiddos are on the same soccer team.

We are very careful about what activities we involve the children in.  We do not want to be on-the-run every afternoon and evening, shuttling kiddos back and forth everywhere.  In fact, when the children started soccer in the fall, that was the very first time any of them were involved in an organized sport.

And they all loved. soccer.

And Jas and I loved it also.  Jas really loved it.  So much that he built them two big PVC soccer goals for our backyard.  He gets out there with them regularly to play when he's home.  And the four of them get out there together to play after we're done with school.

The kiddos were on 2 different teams in the fall:  LK & D were on a 6-7 year old team, E & N were on a 8-9 year old team.  Games were right together on Saturday mornings, but practices were different weeknights.  I wasn't crazy about the busy-ness of it...but we loved the soccer enough that it was worth it.

At the end of last season, E and N's coach, Coach Matt, happened to see LK punt the ball one day at a practice.  He said, "I want her on my team!"  When we protested that she was just 6, he said it didn't matter...that while you can't move kids down an age bracket, you can move them up.

So, now that Daniel is 8-years old, and we got to move LK up...they are all on the same team.  The same. team.  One practice schedule...one game.

It has been neat to watch them out there together during practices.  They seem to all be working harder ...it's easy to see that they're spurring one another on.

Because Elisabeth's age will move her up into the 10-12 year old bracket in the fall, this is likely the time they will all get to all be together like this....and we're enjoying it while we can!

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