Big Time with Grandpa Phil

We have been having a big time with Grandpa Phil.  A BIG. time.

I mentioned in this post that Grandpa Phil likes to play games.

Well, he really likes to play games.  Which means he really gets along famously with our kiddos.

I snapped these pics of the "spoons" game one morning just a little after 7 a.m.  When I came out of my room, these five were already piled up together in Grandpa Phil's room (formerly known as "The Girls' Room") in the midst of a rousing spoons tournament.

And our children have now been introduced to "Master Mind" also.

Mastermind was one of my favorite games growing up.

But it hasn't all been "fun and games." Ok, it has still been fun...but some of it has been "fun and work."

Grandpa Phil helped daddy finish the soccer goals that he had begun putting together.  We have now spent hours playing soccer in the back yard.  

Grandpa has also helped us put a serious dent in the list of projects that need to be done around here.

Some little things, and some bigger things.  Everything from installing a blind...

...to moving the big bookshelf (that was anchored to the wall) from the girls' room into the playroom...

...and moving the new-to-us bookshelf into the girls' room.

Jas has been off from work most of the week (he had to go in two half-days for meetings)...but Phil apparently doesn't know how to sit down, so he (and his trusty side-kick) started in on some yard work while Jas was gone.

Grandpa Phil is on a special restrictive diet due to migraine headaches, so we have been eating differently this week while he's here. (Among other things he can't have dairy or sugar...even the sugar in fruit.)

And when I say we've been eating "differently" I mean lots of bacon and sausage...and potato chips.  As you might imagine, this has been a big hit with the kids.

Phil is scheduled to fly out tomorrow afternoon.  I've told him (and his wife Robin, via FB) that we actually aren't letting him leave tomorrow.

They think I'm joking.  But the joke is on them...


  1. What an awesome time with G'pa Phil!! And I think I need a new diet like G'pa's!!! Chips and bacon!! YUM!! ; ) LOVE the awesome soccer goals!! I can see hours of fun there!! Love you all! Have an awesome Sabbath!



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