Daniel is 8!

Our big "Danel D" is the big 8.

Daniel asked for a soccer cake.  Their last game was on Saturday, but they all
l.o.v.e. it and can't wait until it starts again in the spring.

The other three older kiddos were almost as excited as Daniel was.  It was so sweet.

Noah's homemade b-day card was precious:

"Today is your first day of being eight
I hope you feel great."

"It's time to celebrate for our special buddy"

And Noah sent Daniel on a scavenger hunt in order to find his present.  Noah's notes directed Daniel from the front bathroom, to the hall closet, to Gabriel's toy basket, to the mailbox...and finally to a second hall closet.  His reward from Noah:  $1, two Lego mini-figs...and some of Noah's toy cars.

Elisabeth gave Daniel a Lego Dino set (he was thrilled).  Lao Lao and Papa gave Daniel a Lego Ninjago set.  Seeing a pattern here?  Daniel Crockett loves him some legos.

We also went to D's favorite eating spot (a little Chinese restaurant) for lunch after church.

Daniel is just getting so big.  And it's great.  And it's sad.

How did this little guy...

....become this big 8-yeard old that I see today?

We love you so much, Daniel...and we're so blessed to be your mama and daddy!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I MUST get these dates straight!! What a handsome man you are becoming, Daniel! Can't wait to get a belated birthday hug!!

  2. Oh, Daniel! This is late, but we just want to wish ou a VERY happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day. We love you!



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