The Beginning of Another New Era

Last week I talked about starting a new era with Gabriel.

Now my "big kids" have started a different new era:


It's not only their first time "doing soccer"...it's actually their first time doing any kind of organized sport.

Elisabeth and Noah are on the same team (8-9 year olds), and Daniel and Lily Kay are also on a team together (6-7 year olds).

They started practices several weeks ago.  They practice on different nights, so it is more coming-and-going than I would prefer...but we all get to have supper together every night (that would be a deal-breaker for me).

And we're all really liking it, actually.  Daniel and LK were the ones clamoring to play, and then Elisabeth said she thought she'd like to also.  Noah said he didn't want to...but I convinced him otherwise, and now he's so glad I did.

Normally, when two are practicing, the other two want to come also...just for the fun of it.  Practices are at our local Y, which has a great playground, lots of space to run around, a 1/4 mile track...and lots of other kids to play with - a winning combination all around!

Laolao and I fight over who gets to take the kiddos to practice.  We both really like to do it.  When I take them, G and I walk around the track the entire time with him in his stroller.

And games started this past Saturday.  It won't happen this way often, but both games were at the exact same time.  Thankfully they were right next to each other....so we just stood in the middle and kept turning 360's to watch everyone.

I had fun capturing photos of the kiddos...but I (obviously) have a lot to learn about sports photography.  Help!  I need some lessons, Melissa!  

These were the best two shots I got of Elisabeth:

Elisabeth has been having fun...but I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't do soccer (or sports, actually) again.  She will tell you that she's more of a dance and piano kind of girl.

As I mentioned above, Noah has greatly surprised himself by liking soccer.  He is slow to warm up to anything new.  Food, activities...you name it.  His automatic first response is "I don't like that."  You haven't even tried it, Noah!  He smiles and tries it...and usually likes it.

I love these photos of him.  He took his job on defense very seriously.  And he did a great job.  He was much more aggressive and go-get-em than we thought he would be.

He is a hard worker out there during practice...and he doesn't complain at all.  Many of the other kids start complaining after the coach has them "running lines".  Not Noah.  The coach came over to me after a practice recently and said, "How come the kid who has had open-heart surgeries is the only one not complaining?!?"  

The 8-9 year olds have been taught to man their positions...not so much with the 6-7 year olds.

So, Daniel and LK ran up and down that field.  And up and down that field.

And Daniel smiled the entire time:

Which is par-for-the-course with this little guy.

Even when he fell down/got knocked down...

...several times.

And this girl...

....seems to be in her element when she's doing anything sports-related.

She is one of only (I think) two girls on their team...and boy, can she hold her own.

She ran hard.

I think this is my favorite picture of her from the game:

And whenever there was a "mob" around the ball...

...LK was sure to be in the thick of it.

And where was Mr. G during all the soccer fun?

Being held by various fans.

He seemed to enjoy himself too.


LK and Daniel's game started (and finished) a few minutes before N and E's game...so they got to watch for a few minutes.

And get post-Game hugs.

It has been a really neat experience so far.  The kids (and I!) have made many new friends...people we never would have come in contact with if it hadn't been for soccer.


  1. They look great playing!!! Glad you are ALL enjoying it!! You just really gotta appreciate it when everyone wants to do the same activity at the same time!! :) Blessings, Jennifer



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