Sometimes I Forget

I often describe Noah as my little/big man.  He is 8.  Going on 38.

He is so smart, and so logical, and so fact-filled from all his reading.  And he probably has more common sense than his poor ma.  Not even kidding.

So I sometimes am in danger of forgetting that he is, in fact, 8 years old.

The other night Noah came back to my room quite a while after the kids had been tucked into bed.  He was hot and was wanting me to come turn on the a.c. in that part of the house.  I was already tucked into bed myself, and Noah had seen us do this countless times, so I felt sure he could handle it himself.
We talked about the process to get it to kick on, just to be sure he remembered...and he took off.  He didn't come back in, so I figured everything went fine.

Fast forward a couple more hours:  Jas has just gotten home from work (he has been going back to work every night after the kids go to bed to squeeze in 2-3 more hours - don't even get me started on the load he has had on him lately).  Jas wakes me up to tell me that we need to have a family meeting with the kids to remind them that they are not to touch the thermostat.  I told him that it was my fault...that I had told Noah to change it.

But I thought Noah would change it by 1 degree - maybe 2.  Just enough to get the a.c. to kick on.

Noah had set it to 45 degrees.

By the time Jas got home it was so noticeably cold that Jas immediately knew to check the thermostat.  Thankfully.

Note to self:  Noah is not yet old enough (tall enough, actually) to see the screen and properly set our computerized thermostat!


  1. Ha! That is hilarious! It makes me wonder how low ours will actually go as I've never checked! Thanks for the cautionary story!

  2. On the other hand, thankfully he didn't set it on 95!

  3. Funny! Hey I just wanted to let you know that we tried the oatmeal treats for a snack. My gang ate the batch in 24 hours. There are none left. I liked them too! A big keeper recipe!



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