Kathy's Trip...and Another Surprise

Well, my three days with Kathy are over.  They were just as fabulous as I knew they would be.  But it may be for the best that she's gone home...we both need to recover.  We were so busy talking our ever-loving heads off the entire time that we never went to sleep before 1 a.m., and by the last day it had really started to take its toll on us!

It was so neat to be with Kathy again.  It has been a year and a half since I've seen her, during our Colorado Springs trip in May, 2011.  We were so good about talking on the phone frequently when Jas and I first moved away from Colorado 10 years ago...but as the number of children between us has gone up (she has three), the time we spend on the phone has gone down.  But we picked up just where we left off...and it. was. wonderful.  Kathy is my long-lost half-Chinese twin sister.

I was so glad for Kathy to spend time with my kiddos...and for them to have time with her.  When Kathy and I first met and became fast friends almost 16 years ago, we were both newlyweds with no children.  My kiddos thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Kathy's visit also.  Although they did tell her to make sure she brought Lauren, Aidan and Katie with her next time she came.

And by the time she left, Kathy and Mr. G were both wrapped each other's pinky fingers.

It was neat to see him take to her so quickly and so thoroughly.

AND...Kathy and Jas pulled another surprise on me while she was here.

The tricksters somehow pulled together a surprise 40th birthday for me.

You always see me covering my face when I'm crying/surprised because I have an ugly "cry face"....trust me.

Yes, I'm just about to turn 40...and it will be another year of fabulous.  I am a truly blessed woman...and I give all thanks and praise to the Lord.  

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