Colorado Trip - 2011: The Reasons We're Sorry We No Longer Live in Colorado

We know we are exactly where the Lord wants us right now...and we love living in the deep South (except, well...don't ask Jas about the truth of that statement when it is very hot...or when the bugs are bad).


There are quite a few reasons we are sad that we don't live in Colorado any longer.

And those reasons have names.

Names like...

Nai Nai (a.k.a. Linda, Jason's mom, and Granny) and Jared and Robert (Jason's brothers):

Stephanie (our sister-in-love) and Ellington (niece):

Kathy (my VBFF of almost 15 years):

Esther (niece):

Lexi (niece):

Jacob and Ethan (nephews):

We had such a wonderful time in Colorado.

We did fun things.

We ate great food.

We saw beautiful sights.

But these "reasons" listed above...they are the reasons we had a wonderful, blessed time in Colorado.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Thought about you very often!



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