Colorado Trip - 2011: How Noah Fared

Noah has a history of getting sick on flights (and car trips, occassionally).

So I was concerned about him on our flights to/from Colorado.

HE was very concerned about him too!

And I think that was the vast majority of his problem. We are our own worst enemy so much of the time, aren't we???

He took one ginger chew before our flights going to Colorado.

But he refused to do anything but sit - and wait - on that first flight.

And he got sick twice on our first flight.

He spent our layover in Atlanta not eating (like the rest of us)...

...and not looking very peppy...at all:

He then slept almost the entire 3-hours flight from Atlanta to Colorado Springs, waking only to throw up once half way through the flight.

But then...

I don't really know what happened but he didn't talk about or dread our 2 flights home. Maybe he realized that even if he did get sick, it wasn't so bad and it was over fast.

But anyway, I don't have any pics from the flights home, because it was very uneventful and he was totally fine!

Way to go, Noah!

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