The Surprise is on ME!

I thought we were just having a regular date last night (our third date this year, thankyouverymuch): dinner and a wally world trip.  But at the last minute, Jas told me he wanted us to drive to the big city for our date.

I had no idea.  Not until 10:05 p.m., as we browsed around Old Navy trying to pick out a present for my cousin whose name we'd drawn this year. And then Jas glanced at his clock and said we needed to leave...to get ready for the next part of our evening. And that "the next part of our evening" would be arriving down the street at 10:30 p.m.

"Down the street"?  I am apparently very slow...but even I knew that meant the airport!

That rascal and my dear friend from Colorado Springs - Kathy - pulled off a total surprise on me!

They have been working on this for months, the tricksters!  She is here with us for three glorious, wonderful days!

Kathy said she had to come and do this because I'm turning 40 (in two weeks).

Well, this is my first official 40th birthday present...and it is going to be hard to top!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! :) Happy early birthday!

  2. Oh wow!! Way to go Jason!! Happy birthday Joli!!



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