Beach Trip - 2012

We had a good time at the beach again this year.

Big surprise there, right?

Even with last minute plan changes, and an intrusive tropical storm...we somehow managed to have fun!

Daddy was only able to be there for 2.5 days this year...but we squeezed in as much fun as we could while he was there!

 And what did Mr. Gabriel think of the beach?

Well, admittedly, alot of the time we spent out on the beach, he looked like this:

My left should is apparently Gabriel's "Happy Place."

But when he was awake...he liked it.  Alot!

 And how did he feel about the pool?

Ummmm....he liked it alot too!

If I read his squeals of joy correctly, that is.

The second week we were there our dear friends, the R family, stayed in a nearby condo.  We introduced them to our favorite "Race Car" restaurant...

Yes, the kiddos are sitting in a race car that has been sawed in half and made into a booth.

...and basically just had a lot of fun swimming, digging, and eating with them!

And tropical storm Debby did try to ruin our fun...but we weren't having any of it.

We played games...

...and made up our own games when we couldn't get in the pool or out on the beach.

And my kiddos still love the hot tub.

But they don't call it "hot bath" anymore...and that makes me sad.

Just trying to treasure up these days with my precious children.

Who was it that said "The days are long...but the years are short"?

I emphatically agree.

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