Free to Good Home

My beloved mirror has a new home...and I'm thrilled!  I hope you have as many good years with it as we have, Arica!

As I've mentioned, we have been on a decluttering/reorganizing rampage campaign around here this summer.

Wow, does it feel good!

But it can be hard also...especially when it's time to say goodbye to old "friends".

Friends who have been part of our home for a long time. Friends who have served us well.

One such friend is this mirror.  We purchased it in Colorado when Jas and I moved into our first house.

It has proudly "hung with us" (sorry, I couldn't help myself) through thick and thin ever since then.

But now it is time for it to go.  Time to find a new home.  Time to find new owners who will love it as much as we have.

I could put it in a garage sale.

I could take it to our consignment shop.

I could place an ad in the local sale paper...or Craigslist.

But what I'd really love to do is find a new home for it with people we know.

So, if you have some empty wall space that is just crying out for a 4' x 5.5' mirror...we'd love to pass this old friend along to you!

As long as you pinky promise to take very good care of it...


  1. Oh man... I wish I had room for this beautiful piece...that would give me an awesome "excuse" to make a trip to GA!!!!! ;)
    Got anything smaller that I could use??? lol
    Hope you had fun at the beach....now back to "normal" huh?
    Hopefully little man has decided he likes sleeping through the night!

  2. What did you put in its place or do you have an empty spot now?
    Also, wanted to tell you that I just ordered Sonlight for the first time. Looking forward to Box Day! You aren't doing Sonlight this coming school year, right/ What are you doing - MFW? Looking forward to hearing how you like it and how you like it in comparison to Sonlight.



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