Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch...Changes

I can hear that old song playing in my head.

Some of the changes we like...some we do not:

Daddy was here. (thumbs up)

Daddy has now left. (thumbs down)

The R family has arrived. (thumbs up)

Lao Lao should be here in an hour or two. (thumbs up)

And an uninvited visitor has also arrived...Debby. As in, Tropical Storm Debby. It's been raining and very windy, off and on. It can't make up it's mind. It rains. It stops. We all run out to the beach. Our towels, boogie boards, and chairs try to blow all the way to the Keys. It starts raining. We pack everything up. We walk up to the condos. It stops raining. We get in the hot tub. It drizzles. It stops. It rains pretty hard. It stops. The four oldest crazies children jump in the pool. Brrrr! Jas and I (and G, who was asleep on my shoulder for all of this) watch from the warmth of the hot tub. Now, as the children are in R&R time (reading and resting), the sun has come out and it is beautiful!

Ahhh, we'll just have to be quick and flexible. Somehow I'm sure we'll manage...

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