What I CAN'T Believe?

I talked in this post a couple days ago about something I now believe.

Something I canNOT believe?

Right here in this picture...

Yes, that is Jas...in our front yard...standing over a busted watermain pipe.

Did I take this picture on Saturday when he broke it?


This picture is from Monday...when he broke it AGAIN!

I was in bed so sick that I never got the chance to take any pictures of the first go-round.

But I was NOT so desperate to have pictures that I would have wanted a re-do of the mishap!

Sorry, Jas, if that is what you were thinking...that was very thoughtful of you, babe - but really not necessary. Really.

I am almost afraid in sharing these watermain posts that Jas may come off looking like he is not handy.

And that is SO not the case.

Just ask anyone who knows him...you know, all the ones who have called him, asking "Jason, could you please help me (insert random home-improvement task here...any random task, I swear he will know how to do it!)???

Jas finished the basement in our house in Colorado (adding a bedroom, bathroom, and living area).

And with our current house being over 40 years old, he has had plenty of opportunities to flex his home-improvement muscles:

Jas installed the hardwood floor in our current dining room.

Jas took out the sliding doors and installed French doors in their place in this house.

Jas made the wall between our kitchen and family room into a half wall, so that I would be able to fix food...but still see what's going on with my kiddos in the family room!

Jas installed shelves into an interesting (meaning: what we were they thinking?) little nook, transforming it into beautiful built-in-shelves in our family room.

Jas hung crown moulding in 85% of our house. (He ran out of time to get the rest done before we adopted Elisabeth...and then we just kept adopting!)

Jas built the beautiful picket-fence looking bookshelves in our nursery. (Oh, how I love this particular project!)

And the list could go on and on...

I say all this to defend my handy guy.

Because He? Has apparently been off his game the past few days!

But I'll definitely keep him.


  1. Poor Jason! Such a good track record, and she highlights your mishaps! ;) Joli, I'm totally kidding!

  2. Somebody has to keep him humble, Sabrina! Otherwise, he'd get The Big Head!



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