ONE of the reasons I'm so glad....

One of the very many reasons I am SO glad that I am not laid up sick with a sinus infection anymore?

I am headed to an Adoptive Mom's Retreat, Friday - Sunday.

My dear, dear friend Amy and I...and 250 other adoptive moms!

It's called a retreat, but it smacks alot of "Conference" to me. With many wonderful, informative breakout sessions to choose from. And that is fine by me...I'd rather be hearing and learning from others who've BTDT, than lounging around any day!

The"African American Hair Care" Session? Oh..you know I will be there! (And, one of it's teachers is Kristi - cool!)

"Domestic Adoption: Our Journey" I will definitely be in that session also (and not just because the speaker is Aimee Powell - wife of Mac Powell of "Third Day" - although that is freakin' awesome!)

And getting the whole party started with a "PJ Q&A Panel" on Friday night...oh, Amy and I will definitely be there. (We may not be brave enough to wear our PJs, though!)

And many, many other sessions on Attachment, Becoming an Orphan Ministry Advocate (guess who is leading this one), Talking with Your Children about Adoption, etc. etc.,....

It is going to be so awesome!

And - for the cherry-on-top - I get to spend a whole lot of time this weekend with one of my very favorite people in whole world.

The Lord brought Amy into my life 8 years ago...not too long after Jas and I moved here from Colorado. Oh, how the Lord has used Amy to bless me!

Amy and I, May 2010

And now, Amy and Andy (and their bio kids, Emma and Andrew) are expecting to hear news any day now about the two children they will be adopting from Ethiopia. We canNOT wait to see those precious faces for the first time...and then hug them when they finally come home, where they belong and are loved so much already.

So the timing of this Retreat? Couldn't have been better for one particular Adoptive-Mom-In-Waiting that I happen to know and love!


  1. I think jealousy might be a sin, so I won't say I'm jealous. Does that make it better?



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